Saturday, February 4, 2012

:: Photo Tips (January 2012)

• Composite Groups: When shooting a large group of people / objects: segment the groups into smaller mini groups of 3 on less. - Published on Twitter: Jan-4-2012

• When you come upon a subject that interests you, fight the urge to immediately take a photo. Instead be with it, get to know it. - Published on Twitter: Jan-9-2012

• Know what not to light; Negative space can be even more important in lighting, it focuses a viewer’s eye on the primary subject. - Published on Twitter: Jan-10-2012

• Introduce constraints into your work to view things differently; focus on using creativity to solve problems.… not hardware - Published on Twitter: Jan-13-2012

• The Garbage Can is the most important tool in the Darkroom. - Published on Twitter: Jan-14-2012

• Don’t attempt to improve on perfection: Sometimes the best part of an image is in its imperfections. - Published on Twitter: Jan-16-2012

• It’s not always important if you take a photograph… what is important is that you are constantly look for that photo. - Published on Twitter: Jan-22-2012

• We read left to right. A successful image tends to have movement where the eye can visualize it’s subject in the same direction. - Published on Twitter: Jan-23-2012

• We respond emotionally to color & light; traversing a photo the eye will hone in on line & shape; following the path of objects - Published on Twitter: Jan-23-2012

• Never say I will be back when you see something of interest; this moment will never come again & everything will be different. - Published on Twitter: Jan-25-2012

• Look for climaxes; something that speaks to you in a frame compels you to pull the trigger. Without climax an image is wallpaper - Published on Twitter: Jan-25-2012

• Your best photos will come after you beat the model down... and they stop caring that they're being photographed. - Published on Twitter: Jan-27-2012

• Being obsessed with tech holds you back! Technology is a tool to assist in achieving intent. You must learn how to tell a story! - Published on Twitter: Jan-28-2012

• It’s easy to take a perfect photo of inanimate objects. A great photo must have surprise, content, triggers & above all PASSION! - Published on Twitter: Jan-28-2012

• Looking behind a smile is crucial to understanding a subject, reflections of one’s self can only be found in the darker emotions - Published on Twitter: Jan-31-2012

• Fill your frame with important information, as if it were a canvas & every element integral to the subject your trying to convey - Published on Twitter: Jan-31-2012