Saturday, March 3, 2012

:: Photo Tips (February 2012)

• Go for the gesture over the graphic... if something is worthwhile in the content don’t worry if you’ve screwed up the technical. - Published on Twitter: Feb-1-2012

• Look for shapes & be aware how each tells a story… We need a sense of order in composition so align your shapes to grid lines. - Published on Twitter: Feb-3-2012

• The Best Design / Composition is completed thru subtraction not addition. - Published on Twitter: Feb-3-2012

• Exploring balance within the image… Focus attention on providing areas of negative space that surround the principal subject. - Published on Twitter: Feb-4-2012

• Anxiety over not being a formally trained photographer and learning every rule is a waste of time. - Published on Twitter: Feb-4-2012

• Don’t have a Confusing Subject... Concentrate on one subject zoom in and eliminate extraneous content (Distractions from intent) - Published on Twitter: Feb-5-2012

• Creating HDR Portrait; Before shooting the subject first take multi-exposers of the background then composite all images in Photoshop - Published on Twitter: Feb-6-2012

• 1 day of shooting should equal 1 day of editing… I only wish... for me one day of shooting = 5 days of editing. - #Photography - Published on Twitter: Feb-6-2012

• Stay with your subject until you get your shot… The longer you stay the more it will reveal itself to you - Published on Twitter: Feb-7-2012

• Train yourself to see the common everyday object thru new eyes. - Published on Twitter: Feb-7-2012

• Focus Trap – Your Aperture will yield a definitive Depth of Field. Switch your camera to manual focus, set focus point within that DoF range. Then maintain that distance to subjects when shooting. - Published on Twitter: Feb-9-2012

• Hi ISO speaks to the amount of light not quality; if you want images to have subtlety, eloquence, luster you’ll need a lower ISO - Published on Twitter: Feb-15-2012

• Visualize the image before it happens. Become a student of Human Nature we are creatures of habit “What are they going to do next" #PhotoTip - Published on Twitter: Feb-18-2012

• In a Portfolio “Less is More...” constantly be aware a prospective client can reject the entire portfolio based on one bad image. #PhotoTip - Published on Twitter: Feb-18-2012

• Focus on moment not pageantry. Look for small sections within a frame that would generally go undocumented providing significance #PhotoTip - Published on Twitter: Feb-18-2012

• A portfolio needs to reflect who you are not what you’re paid for. Otherwise you will never get the freedom to shoot what you want #PhotoTip - Published on Twitter: Feb-21-2012

• Fill Flash - On bright sunny day use you're flash… to offset the harsh shadows created by direct sun. - Published on Twitter: Feb-21-2012