Thursday, July 12, 2012

:: Protected Splendor

“Protected Splendor”

Robert Frank, the Dean of Modern Documentary Photography said of all of the images in The Americans"; - "Americans 72 " was his favorite “I am still affected by that one photograph of the man on the hill in San Francisco, the way he looked back at me. I think that’s why that’s my favorite picture in the book. - Robert Frank.

I will often reply to the question what type of photography do you do with a simple answer "I'm a Stalker… " after which, I will qualify my remarks, saying that I'm a Documentary Portraitist. As someone who often photographs life on the Street you become all too familiar with the look of distain or resentment that is directed towards you by your subjects.

“Protected Splendor” is unique in that while he reflects the anger directed towards the photographer, she maintains a quiet innocence. The image was taken in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens. Special thank you goes to Rick Sammon for sponsoring the Photo Walk.


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