Friday, August 10, 2012

:: Krysten Ritter Celebrates Pride March with the "It Gets Better Project" - Pride Parade NYC (2012)

"Krysten Ritter Celebrates Pride March with the It Gets Better Project"

Manhattan is always a shooting gallery for Actors, every time you turn around there’s an opportunity to photograph another-one. It’s a rarity, however, to come upon someone who encompasses remarkable beauty coupled with brilliant comedic timing. Krysten Ritter is just such a star. Best known for her current role as the ”B*” in ABC current sitcom “Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23”

She became a true breakout star of this past; otherwise lackluster TV season, and I’ve become enamored with her Audrey Hepburn looks and Lucille Ball timing.

It was a great joy to turn around and find her approaching as she marched with the "It Gets Better Project" at this year’s NYC Pride March. She was very kind to raise her sunglasses to expose those extraordinary eyes; I only wish the images created were more befitting.


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